Belgian pasta manufacturer Soubry asked us to optimise their logistics process for the delivery and storage of plastic packaging rolls. Previously, delivery from their supplier to the warehouse was done using wooden pallets and cardboard boxes, which often deflected under the weight of the rolls. This led to inefficiency and damage. Soubry was looking to solve these problems and improve their logistics processes.


Soubry chose to switch to the innovative Smart Sleeve Pack system. This solution offers numerous advantages: it ensures safe, orderly and sorted storage, prevents deflection of the material, and more effectively protects the packaging from damage and contamination. Moreover, this system increases storage efficiency and saves on transport and storage costs. The sustainable design of the Smart Sleeve Pack also contributes to Soubry's sustainability goals.


This transition led not only to better organisation of the warehouse, but also to a significant improvement in operational efficiency and long-term cost savings. Soubry's choice of the Smart Sleeve Pack system illustrates their commitment to innovation and quality in their logistics processes.