Maximise efficiency and flexibility in your logistics!

Find out how to optimise your supply chain with our foldable, reusable Smart Sleeve Pack systems. These durable total solutions consist of a robust plastic pallet, protective lid and foldable sleeve. The Sleeve Pack systems are very light, easy to handle and offer excellent protection against moisture and dirt, and reduce the need for additional packaging material. Thanks to these systems, you not only achieve high return rates, but also save significantly on transport and storage costs.


  • Excellent protection: provides effective protection against scratches, dents and dirt
  • Space-saving: saves up to 75% space in storage and return transport
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: simple and quick to assemble by one person
  • Less waste: eliminates single-use packaging materials
  • Fully recyclable: supports sustainability goals through eco-friendly design 


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Smart Sleeve Pack

Specifically designed as an all-in-one solution for flexible and safe transport. Particularly suitable for transporting weight-critical goods, these folding containers offer optimum space saving and storage flexibility.

  • Foldable and stably stackable: ideal for space efficiency in warehouses and during transport
  • Adaptable options: available with customer-specific customisation such as printing, wheels and special closing mechanisms
  • Durable and robust: made of high-quality plastic, suitable for intensive reuse

Smart Sleeve Pack
Slim Dolly Pack

Smart Dolly Pack

Developed for dynamic retail environments, this system speeds up the replenishment of products on shelves and simplifies the transportation of goods within different facilities.


  • High load capacity, perfect for heavy loads
  • Modular compatibility: functions seamlessly with different types of plastic containers
  • Durable and supported by wheels: easy to use in urban environments and shops

Tripbox Range

Ideal for companies looking for a versatile and space-saving solution, this range offers excellent durability and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Extremely space-saving: save up to 75% space when empty and folded
  • Strong carrying capacity and stackable for maximum efficiency
  • Made of durable recyclable plastic: provides long-term protection and is environmentally friendly
Layer 1 Sleeve Pack Systemen
Layer 2 Sleeve Pack Systemen
Layer 3 Sleeve Pack Systemen
Eco Tripbox

Eco Tripbox​​​

The Eco Tripbox represents a cost-efficient appliance within our foldable high-volume carriers. Designed for export and transport of cost-sensitive bulk goods, the Eco Tripbox guarantees excellent space optimisation, a key factor when shipping in sea containers, for example.


  • Extremely space-saving: saves up to 75% space when empty and folded, and therefore ideal for efficient transport and storage
  • High carrying capacity: suitable for transporting heavy loads, while the box itself remains a lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly: consists of durable, recyclable plastic, offering long-term reuse opportunities and supporting your sustainability initiatives.